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Dogs n Dogs have been functional in Patna for over 5 years. We exist today because hundreds of pet owners have been delighted with the compassion we provide to them and the care we provide to their companions. Our team is made up of people that truly love animals, and have dedicated their working careers to canine behavior, psychology & modern training methods being practiced internationally. We are involved in running complete dog solutions business Dogs n Dogs in Patna, Bihar. We have trained more than 500 dogs spread across entire Bihar. We believe in delivering quality training & services to our canine partners that don’t involve any forms of physical or psychological intimidation. Unlike general trainers in India, we believe in training the human partner of canine as it not only effect how you treat your furry friend and know a lot about the behavior and issues arise at different stages of age and what n how you should be dealing with them. To eliminate any dangerous situation that may arise.

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